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Welcome to the Riverside Runners website.

Based in St Neots in Cambridgeshire, Riverside Runners cater for all levels of runner: beginners, experienced runners, social runners and competitive runners, both men and ladies.

Photo Gallery Section

Check out the photo gallery section on the website. If you have photos that you would like to add please ask a member of the committee for the password needed to upload photos. There are loads of photos already there - just follow the link below to view them.

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2015 Club Championship
The club committee have devised and published the Club Championship for 2015.  Eight trophies up for grabs using an exciting mix of "First Past the Post" and "Age Graded" for the first year ever.  Details are in the Document Library
Fostbite League

The Frostbite League is in full swing...

All junior races start at 10:15 and all senior races start at 11:00.

Please remember you must be a paid up member of Riverside Runners to take part and you MUST wear a green Riverside Runners top. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.

If you haven’t renewed your membership please get your form to me prior to start of the race.
If you don’t have a green Riverside Runners top please contact Annabel.

Frostbite race dates are below so get these in your diaries.
1st race: 5th October at Priory Park 
2nd race: 2nd November at Bushfield Sports Centre
3rd race: 14th December at Hinchingbrooke Park
4th race: 11th January at March
5th race: 1st February at Bourne Woods
6th race: 1st March at Hinchingbrooke Park

The emphasis in these races is on participation and enjoyment of all runners whatever their age, ability or gender and friendly rivalry between clubs.

Summer Social Runs ***UPDATED***
Summer is nearly here and the fortnightly Wednesday evening runs are starting again.  Plenty of dates are blank which means no one has yet volunteered to organise the run on that date - please reply to the thread in the Forum or Facebook and we will update the list. 

Meet 18.30ish at the named venue to place order for dinner with a view to starting the social run about 18.50ish.  The organiser normally will also plan a walk of between 2 - 4.5 miles.

14 May  Sam & Karen, The Three Horseshoes, Graveley
28 May  Donna, The Exhibition, Godmanchester
11 Jun   Gary B, Duncombe Arms, Waresley
25 Jun John W, White Horse, Tilbrook
9 Jul  Steph - Plough, Coton CB23 7PL
23 Jul John W - Punting, Cambridge
6 Aug  Sam B - Poacher, Elsworth
21/27 Aug - Vacant

Riverside Runners Beginners Group
This year Helen will again be organising a Beginners Running Course. It will start Monday 14th April at 18.30hrs from the Rowing Club (beside the Priory Centre).  The course runs for 12 weeks and is free and open to non-members.  Please let any friends or relatives know who you think will be interested. Helen can be contacted at  hj1704@gmail.com
Club Championship 2014

- Points based competition.
- Points awarded based on a runner's position relative to other Riversiders in nominated races.
- First Riversider get 50 points, second gets 49 etc.
- Ladies and Men are ranked separately.
- Your best two scores to count for each distance (one score for marathon).
- Four distances: 5K, 5m-10K, 10m-Half Marathon, 30K-Marathon

Championship Races
- Peterborough Parkrun – Sat 7th June
- Huntingdon Parkrun – Sat 5th July
- Wimpole Parkrun – Sat 2nd August
- Eye 10K – Sun 11th May
- St Ives 10K – Sun 20th July (tbc)
- Wolverton 5mile – Sat 22nd November (tbc)
10m -  Half Marathon
- Sandy 10 – Sun 30th March 
- Swineshead 10 – Sun 7th September
- Great Eastern Half – Sun 12th October
30K – Marathon
- Stamford 30K – Sunday 16th February
- Oakley 20 – Sunday 23rd March
- Any measured marathon

Recent Additions to Website

Recent additions or changes include :

Jan 2014 Star Awards 6 Feb 2014
2014 Senior Championship 3 Jan 2014

Club Awards 2013
The Riverside Runners Annual Awards were presented on Saturday 7th December 2013.
Summer Social Runs

Fortnightly Wednesday evening runs being organised again with the details shown here.  If the date is blank it means no one has yet volunteered to organise the run.  Meet 18.30ish at the named venue to place order for dinner with a view to starting the social run about 18.50ish.  The organiser normally will also plan a walk of between 2 - 4.5 miles.

01 May  Michael & Barbara Reading, Abbots Elm, Abbots Ripton, PE28 2PA
15 May  Michael & Barbara Reading, Barley Mow, 42 Main St, Hartford, PE29 1XU
29 May  Steph & John,  The Crown, Northill  SG18 9AA
12 Jun   Annabel Thompson, White Horse, Tilbrook
26 Jun
10 Jul  John Willcock, Three Compasses, Upper Dean, PE28 0NE
24 Jul
07 Aug  Norma & Kenny, Racehorse, Catworth
21 Aug

New Committee

A welcome to the new committee for Riverside Runners 2013/4.

Chairman  Paul Veitch
Secretary  Helen Liddle
Treasurer  Jo Tilman

and John Wilcock, Karen Roper (Membership), Sam Windebank, Annabel Tompson (Kit)

Next Thursday is at Paxton Pits
The club run on Thursday 11 April for Juniors and Seniors will take place from Paxton Pits (visitor centre car park).  All club runs on the second Thursday of the month during BST are from Paxton Pits.
Riverside Runners Beginners Course
Once again this year Helen will be organising a Beginners Running Course. It will start Monday 22 April at 18.30hrs from the Rowing Club (beside the Priory Centre).  The course runs for 12 weeks and is free. Please let any friends or relatives know who you think will be interested. Helen can be contacted at  hj1704@gmail.com
Riverside Juniors Beat Seniors
Well done to the Riverside Juniors who between them over the last Winter managed to win third place in the Frostbite series.  Sadly, despite a few heroic efforts, the Seniors could only muster fifth.
Junior Member Intake Closed
Please note that Riverside Runners cannot accept any new (or rejoining) Junior Members.  Whilst this is regrettable, popularity currently exceeds capacity.
Riverside Juniors Awards

The Riverside Runners Juniors Awards Presentation Day for 2012 took place Sat 16 Feb 2013 where sixteen awards were made.

Before the formal awards the Juniors took part in a simplified Odds and Evens Orienteering Session in priory Park in teams of three.  Surprisingly, everyone seemed to grasp the concept fairly quickly (except some of the adults) with the Juniors taking part in teams of three. Then the Junior Summer Handicap winners for 2012 were confirmed as :
First - Callum Nicholson
Second - Grace Pritchard
Third - Chris Ward

2012 Award Winners
Junior of the Year - Emma Evans
Hurden Trophy - Owen Sainsbury
Boy Champion - Matt Sellick
Girl Champion - Catherine Hemingway
13+ Girl - Hayley Bartlett
13+ Boy - Andrew Shelton
U13 Girl- Maisie Pritchard
U13 Boy - William Forster
U11 Girl - Abbey Foster
U11 Boy - Evan Hoskings
Girl of the Year - Abby Foster
Boy of the Year - Matt Sellick
Most Promising Girl - Abbey Foster
Most Promising Boy - Kieran Brewer
Most Improved Girl - Kirsty Middleton
Most Improved Boy - Evan Hosking

All the coaches (Helen, Mark, Tony, Phil, KP & Maurice) congratulate all the Juniors who have taken such an active part in 2012 and specially the award winners. Many thanks too for the hard work by Helen in arranging the presentation session and the bowling which was held beforehand.

A full list of the winners for 2012 and the previous winners of the awards (some of which go back to 1991) is now uploaded in the Document Library under "Awards".    Maurice

Network Therapy Scheme

Riverside Runners has joined "The Sports Injury Clinic's Network Therapy Scheme" which will give all Riverside Runners members access to specialist treatment and rehabilitation at reduced costs (provided you are on our paid up members list). The Sports Injury Clinic are based at five locations, our closest being at One Leisure in  Huntingdon. Benefits to club members are :

 ·         £10 off every sports injury treatment and no sign up fees

·         Immediate access to specialist therapists and consultants – no waiting lists!

·         Industry leading treatment facilities and diagnostic equipment

·         In-house Diagnostic Ultrasound Scanning only £60 for Network Therapy members (usually £125)

·         Specialist advice and rehabilitation


To receive this benefit, when booking an appointment you need to tell the clinic you’re from St. Neots Riverside Runners and quote ‘Network Therapy’.

Members will need to pay for their own individual treatment appointments which is currently £40 for 1 hour consultation and £40 for 1 hour follow up appointment, then £25 per 30 minute appointment thereafter. This price includes the discount.


For more info please visit www.thesportsinjuryclinic.org or Huntingdon clinic 01480 731180.

Riverside Runners Annual Awards

The Riverside Runners Annual Awards were presented Sat 12 Jan 2013 and the well deserved recipients were :

Most Promising Newcomer - Nichola Serjeant
Most Improved Female - Karen Roper
Most Improved Male - Vincent Hainsby
Senior of the Year - Paul Oliver
Veteran of the Year - Paul Ridley
Lady of the Year - Elizabeth Hiner
FS Champion - Lucy Taylor
F35+ Champion - Samantha Windebank
F45+ Champion - Alison Cooper
F55+ Champion - Barbara Reading
MS Champion - Owen Hurley
M40+ Champion - Paul Veitch
M50+ Champion - Maurice Hemingway
Overall Female Champion - Alison Cooper
Overall Male Champion - Maurice Hemingway
Handicap Series Runner Up - Vincent Hainsby
Handicap Series Winner - Michael Reading
George Callow Award - Paul Oliver
Captain's Cup - Phil Redden
Club Person of the Year - Elizabeth Hiner & Maurice Hemingway

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